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The Institute for Resonance is viewing zero-point energy devices (ZPEDs) that have the potential to replace combustion engines and other fossil-fuel technologies. These devices work by tapping directly into the vacuum of space-time where unlimited universal energy flows exist. It has been said that more energy exists in the vacuum of one cubic centimeter of space than in the entire known physical universe.

We believe that, today, new zero-point energy-producing processes can be created from our existing knowledge-base. Properly developed, they will provide vast environmental, social, and economic benefits. Resonant Viewing offers one way to perceive specific parallel, alternate, or future-earth realities where such devices are already in use.

We are using Resonant Viewing protocols to view and describe such technologies with a level of detail necessary to facilitate discussions and interactions within this research area. This is but one step in the creation and dissemination of these technologies. Such shifts need to take place gradually in order to prevent global political and economic disruptions. However, the sooner we become less reliant on fossil fuels and related technologies, the healthier we will be as individuals, as a civilization, and as a planet. New avenues of transportation and communication will become available to us which, in the long run, could provide people with more freedom and possibilities for evolution and development with less detrimental environmental impacts than exist with current technologies.


Note, each target will open in a new window. Close the window to return here. To see an explanation of how the viewing process works, please see Resonant Viewing Explained.

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