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How Does Resonant Viewing Work?

Resonant Viewing is a quantum human-technology that allows a person to perceive the "frequency" of a distant person, place, thing, or event. Much like a radio, viewers tune into the resonant signal of a pre-selected target and describe their perceptions. To do this, trained viewers follow a systematized procedure that enables them to open a channel to their subconscious minds and gain access to a universal holographic matrix of energy and information that exists beyond space or time. In theory, this holomatrix contains information about everything in the universe, past or future. Each target is assigned a set of random coordinates that are then given to the viewer. The viewer uses these coordinates to guide their subconscious to the selected target. Apart from these random numbers, the viewer is given no information about their viewing target. The viewer then follows written procedures to record their streams of thought, carefully writing down everything they sense, perceive, and detect at the target area. Viewers also decode their written symbols and drawings, personal feelings about the target, and any other impressions they receive during the session. At the end of the session, they summarize their impressions and are then given feedback about their target in the form of pictures or written cues.

The information presented on our website contains the original drawings and summaries of these viewing sessions. In almost all cases, the sessions presented here contain the viewers' exact words. Nothing has been added or changed.

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