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The Physics of Resonant Viewing

Remote viewing has often been described as, or compared to, a process of etheric or subspace soul travel. From this perspective, the viewer would leave their body during the remote viewing experience: some aspect of the viewer's consciousness actually visits the target site during a viewing session. Contrary to this idea, that viewing allows you to go outside of your physical body, we believe that in the process of remote viewing, the viewer actually becomes more sensitive to non-local electro-etheric energies: frequencies that all humans are intrinsically capable of perceiving. This analogy is very similar to that of a TV tuner. While one TV set may be able to pick up satellite broadcasts, another may only receive basic cable channels: the TV sets, however, are basically the same; only the receptive capacity for different channels and programs is different.

Similarly, viewing enables a person to become a more sensitive receptor of information by allowing them to "tune into" vibrational frequencies that are already all around us but, because of our social and psychological conditioning, are unconscious: these "signals" are below the threshold of our conscious awareness. Viewing can enable a person to recondition or recalibrate their receptive abilities to become, in a sense, like an expanded TV tuner: This form of "resonance identification", then, allows a viewer to pick up the specific frequency of particular place, location, or event and "tune" to or match that frequency, thus becoming a receptor of that particular information channel. In this sense, remote viewing is paradoxically not a "remote" experience at all but rather a process of tuning into what is already present around us, all of the time.

One way to think about this tuning process is to imagine that viewers access an enhanced quantum spectrum compared to the restricted electromagnetic spectrum perceivable by our five senses. Beyond light, sound, and heat are other dimensional levels that contain vibrational frequencies that are more subtle, yet equally real. If the traditional electromagnetic spectrum can be thought of as a line, then remote viewers may be accessing an enhanced version of this spectrum that is shaped more like a hyper-sphere. Theoretically, viewers, through systematic training, enable themselves to systematically access and decode information in this range of frequencies that are normally unavailable to our conscious mind.

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