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Jim Marrs

Opening Minds by Simeon Hein Ph.D.

Foreword by Jim Marrs

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"What's the frequency, Kenneth?"

These the only words that CBS Anchorman Dan Rather could recall from an unnerving experience in New York some years ago.

Rather was accosted by two men on the street. He believed the men to be muggers, although there was no attempt to take his money, only the strange question, "What's the frequency, Kenneth?"

Today, an increasing number of persons are asking, "What's the frequency?" In a time of increasing dependence on materialism and technological devices, more and more people, including a goodly number of scientists, are coming to realize that the universe is connected in non-material ways.

Increasingly, the electromagnetic properties of the universe are being mentioned in studies over a wide range of disciplines, from physics to medicine. The work of Dr. Raymond Royal Rife in the last century is paving the way toward understanding physical cures through the use of bio-electric energy. The "music of the spheres" is being understood in relation to sonic frequencies. Einstein's Unified Field Theory years ago advanced the concept that the entire universe is bound by an allencompassing vibrant energy field.

This concept, of course, may provide the explanation for the psychic phenomenon known as remote viewing, a banal term devised by the U. S. military to obscure its intense interest in this psychic technology. During the 1970s and 80s, RV was the object of one of the most intense secret scientific studies in recent times.

Remote Viewing, or Resonant Viewing, the make-up of the universe and the fascinating crop circle phenomenon all are the focus of this book by Dr. Simeon Hein. Beginning as an open-minded social scientist, Dr. Hein has undergone the same transformation from a narrowly-focused student of material reality to a truly aware member of the universal community as did the members of the U. S. Government's GRILL FLAME and STAR GATE remote viewing unit.

In Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance, Dr. Hein takes the reader on a thought-expanding tour of some of the latest scientific literature and studies which clearly demonstrate that individual human existence goes far beyond our daily workspace, social settings and favorite sports or TV sitcom.

Before taking a look at the intriguing, but little publicized phenomenon of crop circles and remote viewing, the reader is invited to take a look at themselves and our society.

It is a troubling view. As noted by comedian and social commentator George Carlin, we buy more, but enjoy less; have more conveniences but less time; more experts but more problems, more medicines but less wellness; we've conquered the atom but not our prejudices; we've learned to rush but not to wait; we've learned to make a living but not a life; we upgrade computers to hold more information to make more copies but we communicate less and less.

Dr. Hein sees one way out of this cultural and societal morass may be through Resonant Viewing, a version of remote viewing practiced at the Institute for Resonance in Boulder, CO.

Through both descriptions and illustrations, Hein demonstrates both the validity and the power of the RV experience and how it might be applied to our understanding of our world.

Since the news of remote viewing first reached the public in 1995, various factions within and without the government have tried to decry its effectiveness. Yet, according to many different sources, RV is still being practiced deep within secret government units.

Why would government officials disparage a technology that they themselves are using? Simple. Knowledge is indeed power and they are determined to keep this power to themselves.

Consider what might happen if statements made on a national television address by the President were immediately called into question by various qualified remote viewers throughout the nation and the world? What if they publicly announced the real issues and motives behind his words. Centralized power and control could quickly be lost should the corporate mass media lend any credibility whatsoever to this purely human technology.

This is the power of remote viewing. The strenuous scientific studies at Stanford Research Institute proved that this power resides in each and every one of us, merely awaiting the proper training and discipline to be effectively utilized.

We are all material beings energized by the vibrant frequencies of the universe.

We are a powerful and creative species crippled only by ourselves, our conditioning and our environment. It is time to regain our rightful place as truly free and creative members of the universal community.

The empowering information in this book, accompanied by an openness to new thoughts and technologies, could change lives. After all, your mind is like a parachute…it works much better when it's open.

Jim Marrs
Texas, USA
December, 2001

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