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“The empowering information in this book could change lives . . .”--Jim Marrs, author of PSI Spies

After months in production, the audio version of Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance is here. With the Opening Minds Audio Book you can experience all the thrills and chills of Opening Minds: almost 6 hours of audio containing all eight, unabridged Opening Minds chapters read to you by the author with an original sound track based on the author's acoustic guitar songs, melodies, and special sound effects.

Feel the excitement
of remote viewing sessions, crop circles, alien encounters, subtle-energy phsyics, and much more. The CD also contains tons of bonuses such as over two hours of channeling sessions. You can listen in to a private session with the entity Mother Earth who answers our questions about the meaning and mystery of crop circles: and the entity Bashar who discusses how material reality is created from our thoughts and beliefs. You also get author radio and TV interviews including Fox news and the BBC, remote viewing sessions from the Institute for Resonance, new acoustic music, the complete Opening Minds e-book with all illustrations and photographs, and original crop circle articles and photos including the 2006 Math Matrix. You will experience all the sights and sounds of Opening Minds and have your own journey into the unknown. In short, this audio book may well prove to be a life-changing experience for you, as were all these events for me.

This is an MP3 audio disk that will play on computers, MP3 players, and some newer CD/DVD units. Please note that this recording contains explicit descriptions of extraordinary sexual encounters between aliens and humans, and is intended for a mature, adult audience. Listener discretion is advised. $24.95 with U.S. free shipping and unconditional 100 percent money-back guarantee. The first 100 CD copies sold will be signed and numbered. Order Here (Mount Baldy Press Inc., ISBN 0971586330)

Table of Contents
Foreword by Jim Marrs and Introduction,
Chapter One: Diving Into the Unknown--The Resonant Challenge,
Chapter Two: Technology and Time Control,
Chapter Three: The Age of Missing Information--The Pardox of Efficiency and Effectiveness,
Chapter Four: Resonant Viewing--The Quietist Voice, the Deepest River
Chapter Five: Discovering the Alien Within--Subspace Travels at Farsight
Chapter Six: Liquid Landscapes--The Mystery of Crop Formations
Chapter Seven: Interfacing with Unknown--The Promise of Subtle-Energy Sciences
Postscript--A Moment in the Sun

Now, You Can Discover:

  • Eight, Unabridged Opening Minds Audio Chapters from the Book
  • Strange Crop Circle Experiences
  • First Remote Viewing Sessions
  • Remote Viewing of Alien Bases
  • Accounts of Alien/Human Interactions
  • The New World of Quantum Energy
  • The Magic of Non-Locality
  • Subtle-Energy Sciences
  • The History of Space and Time
  • Special Sound Effects
  • Original Music Score by the Author


    You Also Get the Following Bonuses on the CD:

  • Complete Opening Minds e-book
  • Author Radio/TV interviews including Fox News and BBC
  • New Simeon Hein Acoustic Music Plus Eight More
    Original Tracks Including Vocalist Elisa Brown
  • Crop Circle Experiments and Pictures
  • Remote Viewing Sessions and Photos
  • Over Two Hours of Channeling including
    Mother Earth and Bashar
  • Planetary Intelligence Excerpts

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