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Aural Resonance -- Astral Harmony (Download and CD, 70 minutes) by Simeon Hein. CD $19.95

Aural Resonance


"This CD is my sure-fire last resort for insomnia and clearing writer's block . . . and it is amazing. In fact, I take it with me whenever I have to stay in a hotel room or other new place to help me sleep. One of those largely unknown recordings everyone should try at least once."
--Andrew Young at Sounds True

"This simple, elegant and highly effective meditation CD is a mainstay in my relaxation meditation collection." -- Elisa Brown, vocalist

"When I took Simeon's Resonant Viewing class several years ago, he played the Aural Resonance,"the perfect fifth", CD in the background . . . Having this simple calming, serenity-inducing sound in the room was helpful." --Ira Liss, musician and graphics artist


"I love the Aural Resonance sound . . . It is so relaxing and yet magical I feel that I am listening to the sound of creation energy." --Genise Park, intuitive energy healer

A recording containing seventy minutes of the harmonious fifth: this amazing sound increases feelings
of calmness and creates a meditative ambiance in any setting. Turn your home or office into a temple
or sacred space with Aural Resonance.

Aural Resonance is great for:

  • sleeping
  • sound masking
  • meditation
  • writer's block
  • creativity and inspiration

High-Quality Download (iPod/iTunes) $9.99 Download

Order CD $19.95 CD

How it Works:
The perfect fifth sound, recorded using the most advanced digital synthesizer and recording equipment, is also known
as the "Breath of God." It is capable of producing unique harmonics and overtones in every room where you play it.
These exceptional overtones are room-dependent and not in the original recording. They only exist in the space where you
play the CD for there are only two low notes, a C and a G, in the recording. You may hear or feel the harmonics as
high-pitched tinkling sounds that may take ten or twenty minutes to manifest depending on the physical configuration
of your listening space.

The CD sounds differently depending where you play it and you may experience unique variations that have never been
heard before. I once played the sound all night and woke up in the wee hours of the morning believing I was in a pyramid!
Due to its mind altering effects, do not use the recording while driving or operating heavy machinery

Listen to Aural Resonance Sample



I know you'll be pleased with Aural Resonance so both the CD and download come with an Unconditional Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee.




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