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"A superb book from a man who is in sync with the next generation of understanding natural sciences. This is one of the most fascinating books on the Crop Circle Phenomenon I have read . . . I could not put it down and felt totally refreshed when I had read it . . . Full of through-provoking ideas and concepts from start to finish . . . Truly a superb piece of work."
- Colin Andrews, CPRI International and author of Crop Circles: Signs of Contact

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"Opening Minds is the 'Betty Crocker' of crop circle books." - Judith Moore, author of Crop Circles Revealed

" . . . A profound synthesis . . . Hein's discussion of physics, quantum consciousness, remote viewing, chaos theory, extraterrestrials, and crop circles is fascinating . . . " -NAPRA Review, Nov/Dec 2002

Learn about resonant viewing, crop circles, and extraterrestrial encounters. Dive into the unknown . . . Open your mind to the infinite . . . With more than 80 illustrations and photos. Get the Ebook from 1st Books Library. For 24-hour service and free shipping, call Atlas Books at 800-247-6553. Also available from, Barnes and Noble, Conspiracy Cafe,The Center for the Future, Atlantis and your local bookstore or library.

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